1. Thrivetality is physician designed

It seems like more and more supplement companies claim to be endorsed by “doctors” but the term “doctor” is often used quite loosely.  Our supplements have been designed from the ground up by physicians, real honest to goodness medical doctors.  In fact, our founder, Dr. Doug Hansen, MD, is a triple board-certified primary care physician, nutrition specialist, and clinical lipidologist who continues to see patients daily.

You can learn a little bit more about our history, mission, and company here.


2. Thrivetality gives back a to the community

Many companies like to say that they give back to the community, but rarely give specifics often because there aren’t any specifics.  The truth is that actions speak louder than words.  At thrivetality we take a three pronged approach.  First, we donate at least 10% of our proceeds to organizations that we are passionate about.  Our most recent donations include:

Colorado Public Schools

Altitude Health Foundation

Addis Faith Foundation

Second, we donate our product to populations in need.

And third, our pay it forward program socially and financially encourages our staff to donate their time to causes they are passionate about.


3.  Thrivetality offers the best value

There are plenty of supplement companies on the market willing to compete to offer the lowest price, but few willing to compete on value.  In the nutritional supplement world you often get what you pay for.  Low quality supplements tend to not only use poor formulations, inferior ingredients and weak delivery systems, but often have very high profit margins.  At thrivetality our goal is just the opposite: to combine the best formulations, ingredients and delivery systems at a reasonable price to create a superior product.  Take a minute to study our labels and we think you will get the picture.


4. Thrivetality is obsessed with research and development

Okay, we admit we are a little obsessed.  In a world that has often become act first and think later, the truth is we think a lot.  At a time where many supplement manufacturers create a product overnight based on what some TV doctor says, we have adopted a very different approach.  As an example, more than 10 years of research and development went into our first product before we even thought about starting the company, and more than 5 years of additional product refinement occurred before we opened our store.  That’s right, 15 years of R&D for one product.  We did mention we were obsessed, right?


5. Thrivetality is compulsive about quality

Simply put, we will not settle for less than the best.  The best ingredients: our ingredients our sourced from around the world for quality, potency, bioavailability and purity.  The best formulation: you have already read about our obsession with research and development.  The best delivery system: the formulation is worthless unless your body can use it, as an example thrivetality was the first to bring the liquid capsule multi-nutrient to market.  The best manufacturing: all of our supplements are manufactured under tight quality control and in strict adherence with cGMP guidelines.  The best company: hopefully you are already getting the picture of what we believe in.  And last but not least, the best clients: of course that is you, as in answer #7 below.


6. We do not care if you buy our products

Okay, don’t get us wrong here, we do WANT you to buy our products because we truly believe they represent the best products on the market.  What we really mean is that our goal is to have a positive impact on your health whether you choose to buy from us or not.  That is why we are creating such an informative website, to help you make good decisions.  So with that said, even if you do not use thrivetality, please join our newsletter, read our blog, and take advantage of our other resources anytime you want.


7. We love our clients

To state it one more time, we love our clients.  The point is, our products are built for you, and we realize that we only exist because of you.  In fact, all of our marketing is word of mouth so to be quite blunt, we need you to be as passionate about us as we are about you.

This theme is so central to our being that we have this mantra from Walt Disney on our wall Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”